As the Fourth Industrial Revolution shifts the focus from traditional job roles to continuously evolving skillsets, the transformation of traditional education pathways is accelerating.

Organisations including IBM, Apple, Google, Ernst & Young, Hilton and Bank of America no longer require their employees to have a college degree, and will consider candidates with relevant experience or vocational training.

Other organisations including PwC, Disney, Starbucks and Walmart are offering college degrees as an employee benefit to attract and retain better talent and up-skill their existing workforce. Both these trends are expected to continue where increasingly instead of going to college in order to get a job, students will go to a job to get a college degree.

New initiatives are also developing earlier in the education journey.

Microsoft has opened the door for attendees to bring a younger student-aged family member to the Build conference at no extra charge.

IBM is seeing the rapid expansion of it's P-Tech school initiative which blends the best elements of high school, college and career.

As a parent, I find this move to blend work and learning both pragmatic and exciting. Let me know what you think in the comments below.